Photons Ride

This is what happens when ... oh, just read "About Photons Ride" in the last box on this page. While your scrolling there, peruse the emerging results of this endeavor.

Printable Word Search
Sheets 8.5" x 14" Image of word search puzzle with Rev 4-5 theme
Rev 4-5 Theme
Image of word search puzzle with vegetables theme
Vegetables Theme

Enjoy! These word search sheets may be printed and freely used for personal, noncommercial use.

11" x 17" Poster Image of Good Words poster

Be inspired as you ponder these words with quintessential coastal visuals set in a rich color that subtly waves with light.

$7 + Freight
(Free Freignt in Goldsboro, NC)
Printable Valentine
For Mom Image of The Standard Valentine printout
The Standard Valentine

Good mothers are wonderful! Print this little poem and include it in the gift or with the flowers that you give to mother for Valentine's Day.

18" x 12" Poster Image of ponder prompting Poster

The family-friendly words and art capture elements of an adventure involving friends who disregard an ancient warning to pursue a peculiar treasure concentrated in the most vicious woods on earth. This poster reveals the exact words cited in one scene of The Wood of Wicked Tongues. In the associated scene, clues are poetically communicated via an ancient exhortation. Read it carefully! These words pack truth to ponder for real life too!

$7 + Freight
(Free Freignt in Goldsboro, NC)
12" x 18"
Can You Poster Image of Can You Poster

What would it take — how much power and authority would be required — to command the stars and the wind with your words?

$7 + Freight
(Free Freignt in Goldsboro, NC)
About Photons Ride

Here's the 3 sentence version (not counting this sentence). Once upon a time there was a guy who enjoyed every good thing that life offers: friendship, science, hot chocolate, poetry, work — yes, work too. The same guy began a creative endeavor that he called Photons Ride. The guy behind that endeavor is me — the person responsible for the little things you find referenced here.

If you ask nicely, you can receive notification when the next thing is ready. You can also commission something customized for yourself or for your special event. Send your note to: